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Local company providing school photography services in Manhattan, Kansas

Professional Headshots

Dubbed "the new handshake," professional headshots are now the first introduction to you, your business and your personal brand--shouldn't that intro be the best it can be? With 93% of HR professionals and recruiters tapping into Linkedln to find quality candidates--plus 2 in 3 on Facebook and more than half utilizing Twitter-that headshot has countless applications in your professional life. Professional headshots aren't just for big executive businesspeople anymore; a strong social media presence is critical for MANY businesses this day and age. A good headshot offers a glimpse into who you are, what you do, and why you do it. It is a visual connection that offers people a chance to put a face to your name. Customers enjoy knowing not just WHAT is being sold and/or services being provided by a business, but often WHO is offering it. Creating a personal connection with current and future clients will help create a stronger brand awareness and desire for them to do business with you. Photos of you and your employees are a critical component to help you achieve this online. With a great headshot, the professionalism AND personality of you and your company will shine through, opening the doors to new opportunities and new business.

Good images are important and you and your business deserve them. At MHK Photo Company, we have a variety of backgrounds and we will also work with you on trying to match your brand, your website, and your style. While we love the simplicity of shooting in the studio, we are also willing to pack it up and come to your place of business if space allows. Outdoor images? Not a problem.

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